Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman: The Only Award-winning Malay Language Super Tutor in Singapore

I am an experienced, fully-qualified, NIE-trained Malay tutor offering one-to-one Malay home tuition for PSLE and O Level students (Primary 5 to Secondary 4). I have an excellent track record of successes.Malay Tuition Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Singapore

I am a gifted Malay tutor, coach and mentor with 15 years of experience in improving performance and developing language skills. I will firstly look to understand my students’ goals, then I will tailor the Malay lessons to suit their needs and to ensure their goals are met. My Malay home tuition classes will provide effective strategies to prepare my students to excel in PSLE, N-Level O-Level, IB Ab Initio and MSP Malay Language examinations.

Dr Elmi OYEA 2012 MOE.JPG

Enrol in my Malay Language home tuition classes at the comfort and safety of your own home if you aspire your child to reach the top 5% of the cohort in his or her Malay Language examinations. I am a recipient of multiple education awards, namely the prestigious Anugerah Guru Arif Budiman (AGAB), Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA), Excellence Service Award (EXSA – Star, Gold & Silver), Lenovo Innovation Awards and the People’s Association (PA) Merit Award.


My Education: DipEng, DipEd, ACTA, BA, MA, MEd, PhD.

Tutoring is NOT my primary profession. Hence, I am unable to categorise myself as a full-time Malay tutor. However, I have a passion for the Malay Language and the expertise to match. Although I am tutoring part time (hence the limited number of available slots each week), I am professional, organised and, above all, personable and friendly.

The best tutors are those who love learning and are enthusiastic, engaging people. We can all remember those teachers who inspired us at school, and, for me, the best teachers are those who genuinely loved their subject. It’s infectious when someone speaks passionately about a subject and that’s what parents look for in their children’s tutors: someone who can communicate a deep-rooted personal interest and, of course, has the knowledge base to go alongside it.

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I charge $60 per hour for Upper Primary (P5, P6 – PSLE), $70 per hour for Lower Secondary (S1 & S2) and $80 per hour for Upper Secondary (S3, S4, S5 – N Level | O Level). Please take note that additional transport charges may apply to certain locations.

My Malay tuition rate isn’t the cheapest one around. However, compared to similar Malay tuition programmes out there, it’s the highest quality and most customised one in Singapore. That’s a bold claim, I know. But given the number of students I’ve helped successfully, that’s a claim that I make with confidence. And considering the value that you’re getting, it’s also a great price.

Pay-As-You-Learn Model: Pay for every session at the end of each session (via Cash, Pay Lah or Pay Now). No hidden fees, all-inclusive fee including tuition & learning materials.

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Reasons why many parents signed their children up for my premium Malay Language private tuition:

  • prefer to supervise tuition lessons
  • difficulties in arranging transport (to tuition centres or learning centres)
  • more focused attention for every child
  • tailored lessons
  • personalised learning with high levels of student-teacher interaction
  • children need more hand-holding or are shy in groups
  • flexibility of topics taught
  • tutor’s reputation & proven track record
  • quality of Bahasa Melayu learning resources
  • prefer to focus on quality of practices

Elmi Zulkarnain STAR Excellence Service AwardBespoke: The opposite of one-size-fits-all. My Malay language tuition sessions are entirely bespoke, targeting each pupil’s weaknesses whilst ensuring his or her strengths are nurtured.

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Malay Language SupertutorMy Ethos: Explain. Encourage. Inspire. I have the intuitive love of teaching Bahasa Melayu, and am committed to inspiring and mentoring all my students to fulfil their potential.

Elmi Zulkarnain Arif Budiman AGAB Certificate 2007

Positive 5 STAR Reviews, Encouraging Feedback and Recommendations from Parents and Students

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Malay Tuition Malay Tutor Review Reviews Google

Ms Ho Positive Feedback 5 Star Rating Dr Elmi Malay Tuition Tutor Singapore Tampines.jpg

Mrs Brown Good Feedback 5 Star Rating Dr Elmi Malay Tuition Tutor.jpg

Compliments Aini Ahmad Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Malay Tuition Review

Compliments from Mrs Hazeline Riley Dr Elmi Malay Tuition

Anna Batzinger 5 star reviews Dr Elmi Malay Tuition

Ayoob Idris Positive Feedback Dr Elmi Malay Tuition.jpg

Gloria Sheila Positive Reviews Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Malay Tuition.jpgMalay Home Private Tuition Malay Tutor Positive Good Feedback Recommended Parents Irah Rahim Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman.jpg

Mr Islam Positive Feedback 5 Star Rating Dr Elmi Malay Tuition Tutor

Celine Sim Positive Recommendation Dr Elmi Conversational Malay Coaching

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Thank you for your support !!! 


Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman

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